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28 Minutes to a Supercharged Mind
This is the world's first book/CD combination you actually plug your brain launch altered states experiences. (read more)

Holographic Memory System
Based on the new holographic model of the brain, and using revolutionary brain boosting technology on the companion Brain Supercharger® CD, The Photographic Mind teaches you how to re-map your memory input and retrieval systems. (read more)

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New 4 Day FASTTRACK Technical Remote Viewing Training

What will I learn in the TRV Training Course?

Course Locations:
This course is currently offered in Seattle Washington, London, England, and Barcelona, Spain.

Write to PSI TECH for more information about available course dates.

Under the guidance of Dane Spotts, the student will learn how to target at will any person, place, thing or event in the past, present or future. Students are guided through the original military protocols which will teach each individual how to describe a target using raw sensory and dimensional data, manage and separate out imagination and personal analysis from true target data, produce a sketch of the target site, identify the viewer's own emotions as well as the emotions of others present at the target site, and learn how to re-position his/her perspective.

You will learn how to discover your personal Optimum Trajectory. This is known as your optimal path in life. Optimum Trajectories show us the direction that will enable us to be the most fulfilled - and the happiest. Imagine that you have the ability to see your perfect future; a future where you're happy and content; where life brings you meaning and fulfillment; a future where your dreams are made real. Other optimums can also be found, such as; your optimum mate, career, or domicile. Or your optimum health, optimum money making activity and more... This is the ultimate self help tool.

Dane's technique will effortlessly allow you to install the Technical Remote Viewing protocols autonomically. The goal of his class is to provide each student the skills to use this very valuable tool for the rest of their lives.

What can I do with TRV?

TRV is a learned skill that you can use as an information gathering tool to answer questions, and solve problems.

You can use TRV for exploring the future. For things such as; business trends, trajectories, optimum mate, optimum career, and hazard avoidance.

You can use TRV for rediscovering the past, such as; historical events, historical anomalies, religious events, unsolved mysteries, and myth and legends penetration.

You can use TRV for business and investment, in topics such as; best-path scenarios, decision support, oil and natural resources exploration, personnel review, product research, and market research.

You can use TRV for law enforcement, in areas like; missing persons, solving crimes, finding evidence, determining guilt, finding perpetrators, and generating leads.

You can use TRV for national defense, in areas such as; finding weapons of mass destruction, counter-terrorism, future events, war-time strategy determination, enemy target location, covert facility penetration, identifying domestic terrorist cells, and spying on your enemies' plans.

You can use TRV for personal mind probes, on topics such as; uncovering a person's real intent, their most coveted secrets, understanding dream meanings, and researching hidden memories.

You can use TRV for medical cures, and discoveries, in areas such as; optimal treatments and cures, illness source identification, shortened diagnosis times, and future cure and treatment research.

You can use TRV for unsolved mysteries, for topics such as; UFOs, are they real or hoaxes? What are crop circles? Is there an afterlife? What are ghosts? What are those mediums and channelers talking to? Did the Sphinx at Giza get built by humans or by somebody else? What secrets lie inside? Is there a hidden library? It's all accessible using TRV.

Anything you need an answer to. Life's biggest mysteries, and your most immediate problems, can be answered by TRV. Is there something you lost recently? Not just car keys, or missing jewelry, but things that have been stolen can be found. Pets that have wandered away can be located. It doesn't even have to be something of yours. You can remote view the location of lost treasures, the cause of an airplane crash, or even where your kids are right now.

You can also remote view things that aren't even on Earth. You can remote view structures on Mars. What are they used for and who made them?

You can even make money using remote viewing. What's the next big marketing trend? Should you invest in that new start-up, or buy a particular stock? What's the optimum way to market your products? You can find out with TRV.

TRV enables you to get direct, accurate knowledge on all these things, and more. Would you like to have access to the truth once and for all? If so, TRV is your answer.

Course tuition: $3500 with a $500 discount for early registration.

For information about scheduling a Technical Remote Viewing training class, write to PSI TECH.